New Yachts

A Bespoke Experience

The experience of purchasing a yacht through S6 Marine is truly bespoke, we only take on a handful of new build projects per year ensuring that you get unrivalled attention.  We haven’t spread ourselves thin by dealing in a vast amount of different sailing and motor yachts, we focus on what we know, ensuring you will be dealt with efficiently and professionally throughout your yacht purchase journey and when it comes to buying your dream yacht we can be relied on to offer expert advice based on our own experiences of running these types of yachts, we know what works and we know what the yacht’s need.

Monohulls • Catamarans • Superyachts

We offer monohulls and catamarans from some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the business including Moon Yachts, Cosmopolitan Yachts, Y-Yachts, Vision Yachts, Virtue Yachts, and Sunreef. We have been involved with many new yacht projects over the years and we will be able to ensure you get exactly what you want from your new yacht. We can also offer a fantastic range of power catamarans which make an excellent mid range solution between traditional sail and planing or semi displacement motor yachts.

Private • Commercial

Whether you are looking to own your yacht privately or put it into a structure for commercial use we can advise and assist you. We have worked closely with many owners looking to achieve many different outcomes from their yacht ownership journey. We work with private owners who simply want to maximise their enjoyment but also are perfectly set up to handle all your commercial ownership needs. Our sister company diYachting offer charter management and a full suite of setup options from crew recruitment and registration to full management once your yacht is on the water.

All of the yachts below are available to purchase in our Buy-to-Let Charter Management Programme, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership while receiving an annual income. Click here to find out more about the programme.

Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Yachts is leading the way on bespoke  luxury catamarans, both power and sailing, and have pioneered a world-leading Eco range. Each catamaran, motor yacht, and superyacht built is a bespoke creation. Every yacht is a vision brought to life, thoughtfully designed to deliver luxury, style and comfort.

Equipped with the world’s first and only composite-integrated solar panel system and using the industry’s lightest batteries, the Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans provide the best of autonomy and energy efficiency for environmentally-conscious luxury cruising.

Cosmopolitan Yachts

Spanish shipyard Cosmopolitan Yachts are mastering aluminium precision, hybrid-electric efficiency, and spacious interiors. Seamlessly handle the seas, harness solar power, and indulge in limitless comfort, all while minimising fuel consumption. Their custom catamaran aluminium yachts are designed to excel in any environment, with marine-grade aluminium construction that provides strength, sturdiness, and resistance to corrosion for sailing in any water conditions.

Moon Yachts

The Polish brand Moon Yachts is bringing an unrivalled level of luxury at unbeatable prices for this size of yacht. They are built to an extremely high standard, are fully customisable and can be tailored around your yachting ambitions, whether it be global navigation, a holiday home for you and your family or if it will run as a business on the charter market. The shipyard currently offers catamarans in two sizes, 60ft and 90ft, as well as a 45ft RIB.


Y-Yachts are dedicated to producing yachts that are light and fast, easy to sail and look good. At 70 to 100 feet – or 20 to 30 meters – in length, you will enjoy the ultimate comfort that only a luxury yacht can provide. Built in Germany, their designs are developed by the best naval architects in the world, delivering the highest quality and attention to detail for each client. They work with the most renowned designers such as Sir David Chipperfield, Bill Tripp, Lorenzo Argento, Design Unlimited, Surge Projects or Norm Architects.

Virtue Yachts

The Polish shipyard Virtue Yachts is producing sporty, stylish day boats that prioritise speed, performance and comfort whilst limiting their impact on the natural environment. Virtue Yachts are created by people with a deep passion for yachting. Their engineering team has many years of expertise in yacht production. But above all, they are active boaters themselves. They strive for technological perfection, but also want to be part of positive ecological change.

Sunreef Ultima

Sunreef Yachts is at the forefront of luxury hybrid catamarans with the innovative Ultima Series, seamlessly merging monohull dynamics with multihull living space. Each Ultima Catamaran is a masterpiece of design, offering unmatched living space with smart storage solutions, vast alfresco lounging areas, and a semi-open dining area for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Equipped with Sunreef Yachts’ award-winning solar power system and the industry’s most advanced hybrid propulsion, the Ultima Catamaran series sets new standards in sustainable yachting. Its sleek, drag-reducing hull and ultraefficient, lightweight batteries ensure superior performance and energy efficiency, making the Ultima the epitome of eco-friendly luxury cruising.


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