Sunreef 66 Ultima

22 7.25 4 + 2 crew cabin(s) 8
22 7.5
4 + 2 crew cabin(s) 8


The Sunreef 66 Ultima stands as a remarkable addition to the Ultima series, upholding its tradition of defying conventional classifications and carving out a distinctive niche within the maritime domain. Essentially, it seamlessly combines the most desirable features of both monohull and multihull living spaces, complemented by a shallow draft that challenges established conventions in luxury yachting.

This vessel heralds a new era in marine architecture, reshaping the standards of opulence on the high seas. With its sleek and dynamic hull design, this electric catamaran ensures effortless access to any marina, while its advanced engineering minimises drag, enhancing performance and energy efficiency.

The Sunreef 66 Ultima pioneers a unique category, surpassing rivals with its blend of speed, comfort, and eco-friendliness—free from fumes, vibration, or environmental impact.

Please note the Sunreef Ultima 66 is available in both eco and classic versions.

What We Say

The Sunreef 66 Ultima’s groundbreaking departure from conventional catamaran design is often emphasised. Its unique form, blending elements of monohulls and catamarans, provides a spacious interior, notably featuring an expansive owner’s cabin. 

The folding bulwark platforms, forming a private Ocean Lounge, are underscored as standout features, enhancing the vessel’s allure and distinguishing it from competitors. 

The yacht’s effortless manoeuvrability and capacity to access marinas seamlessly are frequently highlighted, appealing to clients in search of a vessel that seamlessly combines luxury, innovation, and performance.

What The Builders Say

The Sunreef 66 Ultima embodies a revolutionary approach to luxury yachting, seamlessly blending the best elements of monohulls and catamarans to redefine maritime design. Its sleek, sporty hull challenges conventional norms, offering both performance and spaciousness that surpass traditional expectations.

What distinguishes the Sunreef 66 Ultima is its departure from conventional catamaran design. Instead of the usual wide hulls, it adopts a narrower width, akin to monohulls, optimising interior space while maintaining the stability and efficiency of a catamaran. This strategic adjustment creates a unified living area between the twin hulls, providing an expansive and luxurious onboard experience.

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