29.71 6.80 4.70 18.92T 2x VOLVO D4-175 242 sqm
29.71 6.80
DRAFT (m) (Fixed Keel) BALLAST
4.70 18.92T
2x VOLVO D4-175 242 sqm


The Y9 is unique and so is every single Y9. Above all, she is as individual as our customers themselves, because her layout and equipment are completely variable. Complementing this, the Y9 offers the volume of a 100-foot yacht in 90 feet. And she is available in three exciting versions – Y9, Y9 Pilot House, Y9 Custom.

The main focus for Y9 owners is spending time with family and friends on board. As a result, the 90-foot carbon sailing yacht is easy to sail even with a small crew. Her interior design fulfills and even extends all owners’ wishes for a family yacht with sufficient privacy while they travel the world. Of course, the Y9 can also prove her potential on regatta courses in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean and sail right at the front of the field. She will be a formidable opponent in any regatta.

The Y9 is perfectly scaled to human dimensions and activities by eliminating exaggerated exterior and interior lines and proportions, as well as ineffectual spaces that are difficult to manage and maintain. Ensuring the owner remains connected to the sea and onboard guest with minimal distractions. Like all YYachts, the Y9 follows a clear design philosophy – reducing all unnecessary superstructure and components to create a clean and minimalist deck: Keep it simple. Look good and sail nicely.

The Y9 Pilot House is the second version of the Y9 category and features a striking deckhouse that offers a very bright salon and phenomenal views at the sea. The layout of the Y9 Pilot House is optimized for families and friends to enjoy extensive cruising. Andrew Winch and his experienced team designed a sophisticated atmosphere below deck.

We can also start a 90-foot yacht with a white piece of paper and implement a design that has never existed before – you will receive a yacht which is yours and only yours.

The spaciousness of a 100ft yacht was achievable on the Y9 in 90ft by implementing many years of expertise in design and construction. The owner is provided the highest level of privacy with his own apartment; dependent upon the configuration, up to three additional suites are available for guests. Considerable importance was given to the design of the crew area, after all an unwritten rule in yachting is “happy crew, happy owner”.

There are various layouts available for the Y9 in addition to numerous interior furnishing options. The team will work with each owner to personalize their interior. You may also select your own interior designer for the project.

What We Say

Y-Yachts are dedicated to producing yachts that are light and fast, easy to sail and look good. At 70 to 100 feet – or 20 to 30 meters – in length, you will enjoy the ultimate comfort that only a luxury yacht can provide. Built in Germany, their designs are developed by the best naval architects in the world, delivering the highest quality and attention to detail for each client. They work with the most renowned designers such as Sir David Chipperfield, Bill Tripp, Lorenzo Argento, Design Unlimited, Surge Projects or Norm Architects.

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-sufficiently and with confidence is priceless. Even more enjoyable, is a comfortable, high performance and seaworthy yacht that sails fast and looks cool. The Y9 delivers that in a way no other yacht can.

Purchase your Y-Yacht through S6 Marine as a dealer for Y-Yachts in the UK.

What The Builders Say

Our brand new Y9 is the logical continuation of our models Y7 and Y8. The development of the Y9 was driven by requests from customers for an easy to sail and fast yacht that requires a small crew and has a fantastic volume.

The interior of the Y9 can be customized according to the individual taste of every customer. Make the Y9 yours only and get inspired by the interior design proposal of the award-winning studio Norm Architects from Copenhagen. Our inhouse design team will coordinate any other wishes you might have in terms of styling, layout and decoration. With the Y9 you are buying a real superyacht.

Several guest and crew cabin options are available for the Y9 Pilot House. The distinctive coach roof floods the salon with abundant daylight, which also boasts 360° views of the sea. This coach roof design is not only an aesthetic element, but also helps to reduce overheating below deck by deflecting the rays of the warming sun and minimizing the energy required to keep the interior cool in hot climates. This is just one of the aspects defining the Y9 as a sustainable yacht.

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