Cosmopolitan 85 Narrow

23.8 9 1.7 10 knots 275 sqm
19.8 10.67
1.7 275 sqm
12 knots


The Cosmopolitan 85 Narrow brings a realm of unparalleled spaciousness and nimble manoeuvrability. With its remarkable 9-meter beam, it offers over 50% more room than a comparable monohull, yet remains a master of agility.

Purpose-built for adventurous owners seeking both space and performance, the Cosmopolitan 85 Narrow is tailored to meet your ambitions. Its innovative longitudinal tender and jet ski storage ensures effortless launch and recovery, simplifying your experience.

With a total usable area of 275 square meters, the Cosmopolitan 85 Narrow priorities seamless integration between indoor and outdoor realms.

What We Say

Cosmopolitan Yachts are a whole new level to the luxury catamaran market with their Explorer yacht range. They are mastering aluminium precision, hybrid-electric efficiency, and spacious interiors, meaning owners can seamlessly handle the seas, harness solar power, and indulge in limitless comfort, all while minimising fuel consumption.

Cosmopolitan Yachts are dedicated to creating catamaran yachts with the latest in propulsion technology. The hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system offers ultimate flexibility in power and fuel efficiency. With the combined integration of the most advanced electric and hybrid technologies and, with the use of the next generation of fuels such as hydrogen, solar, biogas or biofuels, they can offer the perfect propulsion system to meet todays.

The remarkable Cosmopolitan 85 Narrow boasts a well-integrated closed flybridge, setting an unparalleled standard in yacht engineering. This innovation not only presents a striking exterior profile but also enables the creation of a spacious VIP cabin and the option of a helideck. Discover comfort and opulence in a league of its own.

Purchase your Cosmopolitan catamaran through S6 Marine as a dealer for Cosmopolitan Yachts in Europe and the UK.

What The Builders Say

Our passion for excellence shines through in every detail, from the cutting-edge hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system to the meticulous construction using top-grade materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

At Cosmopolitan Yachts, we take pride in delivering superior build quality and attention to every detail, ensuring unmatched durability, performance, and luxury. Our custom catamaran aluminium yachts are designed to excel in any environment, with marine-grade aluminium construction that provides strength, sturdiness, and resistance to corrosion for sailing in any water conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a silent electric boat or speeds of over 26 knots, our custom catamaran aluminium yachts offer ultimate flexibility in power and fuel efficiency. And with advanced hull forms and superior bow height, you’ll enjoy comfortable sailing even in seas exceeding 1.75m.

We introduce a hybrid electrical propulsion system that harnesses the strengths of electric motors and the latest generation of engines. This system synergizes with a robust energy storage setup and solar panels, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and dependable propulsion. Our expert team of naval architects, work with the most advanced software to innovate, validate and integrate perfected hull shapes and foil designs.

Our setup works together with state-of-the-art energy storage and solar panels, making sure the fuel is used efficiently and the boat moves reliably. The design also lets us recover energy, so the boat can be quiet when anchored and sail a certain distance without using a lot of fuel, all without sacrificing faster speeds.

The Aluminium hulls will offer added safety and peace of mind that will result in a more enjoyable experience, with the benefit of:

Increased corrosion resistance

It offers recyclability

Light, strong and safe

Simple to understand and predict

Easy to repair

Flexible to customize

Higher re-sell value

Ability to deform without breaking

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