Sunreef Ultima 88

26.8 9.1 5 + 3 crew cabin(s) 1.3 10 5
21.3 11.35
5 + 3 crew cabin(s) 1.3
10 5


The Sunreef 88 Ultima stands in a league of its own, outshining any competition with its unmatched blend of speed, comfort, and sustainability. There are no emissions, no vibrations, and no environmental footprint. It follows its own path, cruising effortlessly while maintaining harmony with its surroundings.

Designed to minimise reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning, the living and lounging spaces of this electric catamaran prioritise natural light. Sustainable materials such as eco-friendly woods, recycled plastics, and reclaimed fabrics are incorporated to lessen the vessel’s ecological footprint without compromising luxury.

When it’s time for leisure, the Sunreef 88 Ultima transforms, with its bulwark platforms and aft garage opening up to unveil an array of electric toys and an ocean lounge, promising endless entertainment opportunities.

With a pioneering combination of custom-engineered batteries, hybrid propulsion, and an innovative solar skin system, this solar-powered catamaran sets new standards for energy efficiency. Sunreef Yachts’ commitment to green technology has garnered widespread recognition, earning the company numerous international accolades.

Please note the Sunreef Ultima 88 is available in both eco and classic versions.

What We Say

Step into the future of yachting with the Sunreef 88 Ultima, where luxury seamlessly meets sustainability. This extraordinary vessel offers unparalleled comfort and performance while minimising its environmental impact. With its cutting-edge electric propulsion system, the Sunreef 88 Ultima provides a tranquil and emission-free journey, redefining the yachting experience.

Inside, indulge in meticulously designed interiors that prioritise natural light and utilise eco-friendly materials, ensuring a lavish yet environmentally conscious onboard atmosphere.

Explore the boundless possibilities of yachting with the Sunreef 88 Ultima, where luxury, sustainability, and innovation converge to create unforgettable moments on the water.

What The Builders Say

At the forefront of innovation and sustainability, the Sunreef 88 Ultima epitomises Sunreef’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of yacht design. With its revolutionary electric propulsion system, this visionary vessel sets a new benchmark for eco-conscious yachting, offering silent cruising and zero emissions while maintaining exceptional performance and luxury.

From its meticulously engineered batteries to its pioneering use of solar technology, every aspect of the Sunreef 88 Ultima reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted interiors that showcase our passion for sustainable luxury, featuring eco-friendly materials and thoughtful design elements that elevate the onboard experience.

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