Infiniti 60 Powercat GT

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Crafted with precision, the Infiniti 60 Powercat GT sets a new benchmark for luxury and performance through advanced construction techniques.

Equipped with state-of-the-art foil-driven technology, including custom-designed retractable DSS foils, the Infiniti 60 Powercat GT achieves up to a 40% reduction in fuel consumption, extending its range while ensuring a stable and smooth ride in diverse sea conditions. These foils reduce pitching by up to 42% and heeling by 30%, maximizing comfort and performance on every voyage.

Featuring a spacious flybridge deck, the Infiniti 60 Powercat GT offers additional onboard space for leisure and entertainment. The optional hardtop provides shaded areas, enhancing comfort and offering customisable features.

Crafted with epoxy-infused carbon/foam and e-glass/foam, this method ensures exceptional strength, superior osmosis protection, and structural integrity, complemented by Awlgrip painted hulls for a premium finish exceeding standard gel-coats.

Multiple interior layouts are available, offering 2, 3, and 4 cabin arrangements built with resin-infused carbon fibre for an uncompromising strength-to-weight ratio and unparalleled performance.

This combination of advanced foils, fuel efficiency, a spacious flybridge, and versatile cabin layouts positions the Infiniti 60 Powercat GT as a leader in luxury yachting, delivering an unmatched experience for discerning individuals seeking excellence on the water.

What We Say

The Infiniti 60 Powercat GT sets a new standard in design and performance, integrating advanced technology for optimal seaworthiness. Its custom-designed retractable DSS foils elevate stability, minimizing motion and ensuring a tranquil and secure voyage.

With industry-leading fuel efficiency and extended range, this yacht is engineered for both luxurious cruising and adventurous exploration, delivering unparalleled comfort and performance on every journey.

Explore multiple propulsion options and interior layouts meticulously tailored to individual preferences, each utilising resin-infused carbon fibre for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and performance.

What The Builders Say

Engineered with precision and expertise, the Infiniti 60 Powercat GT utilizes state-of-the-art construction techniques to deliver exceptional strength and durability. The integration of custom-designed retractable DSS foils sets a new standard in yacht stability and comfort, significantly reducing pitching and heeling to enhance the onboard experience.

The Infiniti 60 Powercat GT distinguishes itself with customizable options, featuring a spacious flybridge deck that can be equipped with an optional hardtop for shaded areas. Interior layouts offer flexibility with 2, 3, and 4 cabin arrangements, each meticulously crafted from resin-infused carbon fiber for optimal strength-to-weight ratio and performance. This versatility allows owners to tailor their yacht to their specific preferences, whether for relaxed cruising or adventurous exploration.

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