22.91 5.60 4.20 9.50T NANNI 120Hp 500L
22.91 5.60
DRAFT (m) (Fixed Keel) BALLAST
4.20 9.50T
NANNI 120Hp 500L



The concept of the Y75 sailboat was born from a desire to create a new type of sail yacht that combines the ease and simplicity of a day powerboat with the magic and thrill of balanced sailing. The designers and architects behind the Y75 are driven by a passion for sailing and design.

The key principles guiding the design of the Y75 sailboat are design simplicity, comfort and fun. Developed in collaboration between YYachts, Cossutti Yacht Design, and Gabriel Chipperfield’s studio Wendover, the YBREEZE 75 is the world’s first sailing yacht with a folding bulwark, creating a spacious beach club during anchoring. It enriches your sailing adventure with moments of relaxation and joy like never before. As on a much larger yachts, guests can walk comfortably around the entire deck.

Beyond its timeless elegance, this yacht boasts exceptional performance with sleek lines and dynamic appearance. Attention to detail and unparalleled design make the YBREEZE 75 a true work of sailing art.

Experience crafted comfort like never before with the Y75 BREEZE. Below deck, this yacht offers the spaciousness of a traditional 70ft luxury yacht, featuring 3 cabins and 3 bathrooms. The beautifully crafted galley and impressive saloon create a luxurious and light atmosphere, reminiscent of a high-end penthouse.

On deck, your guests can indulge in relaxation, bathing from the stern platform, and enjoying a refreshing drink and delicious barbequed fish on the stainless steel grill that rises impressively from the cockpit. Unwind in style and luxury with the Y75 BREEZE.

What We Say

Y-Yachts are dedicated to producing yachts that are light and fast, easy to sail and look good. At 70 to 100 feet – or 20 to 30 meters – in length, you will enjoy the ultimate comfort that only a luxury yacht can provide. Built in Germany, their designs are developed by the best naval architects in the world, delivering the highest quality and attention to detail for each client. They work with the most renowned designers such as Sir David Chipperfield, Bill Tripp, Lorenzo Argento, Design Unlimited, Surge Projects or Norm Architects.

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-sufficiently and with confidence is priceless. Even more enjoyable, is a comfortable, high performance and seaworthy yacht that sails fast and looks cool. A YBREEZE 75 is much faster than a conventional 70 or 75 foot yacht.

Purchase your Y-Yacht through S6 Marine as a dealer for Y-Yachts in the UK.

What The Builders Say

Sailing the Y75 BREEZE is effortless with its large cockpit, where all halyards, sheets, and trimming lines are concealed and lead aft. The high bulwark ensures safe and dry sailing, even in choppy conditions, eliminating the need for pulpit or stanchions.

Experience the convenience of electric push buttons that control the jib, self-tacking jib, mainsail, and automated furling for the code0 and gennaker. The yacht also features an electric furling mainsail in the boom, and you can control hatches and the companionway remotely with your smartphone. Sail with ease and sophistication on the Y75 BREEZE.

To reduce the Y75 BREEZE’s carbon footprint as much as possible, we have invested in redesigning our Griefswald yard in Germany, making all processes as sustainable as possible. For instance, inside the boat only offcut veneer sourced from exclusive furniture producers is used and interior bulkheads are made of sustainable epoxy composites. To reduce emissions further, owners can choose between a “zero emissions” electric saildrive or a 100hp diesel saildrive that runs on synthetic fuel.

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