29.77 6.80 4.64 20T 2x VOLVO D4-175 231.7 sqm
29.77 6.80
DRAFT (m) (Fixed Keel) BALLAST
4.64 20T
2x VOLVO D4-175 231.7 sqm


Such custom projects often begin with merely a blank sheet of paper and ideas, eventually transforming into a dream yacht completely tailored to its owner.

YYachts has developed an entire custom division of the company specialized in the design and production of unique customized luxury super yachts. Our team of specialists with many years of experience develops fully customised yachts according to the owner’s dreams and wishes. YYachts hulls and superstructures are exclusively in carbon fiber, and we are specialised in up to 35 meters in length, customised and individual sailing yachts made of carbon built in Germany.

These custom models are manufactured in YYachts Greifswald Germany, production plant besides semi-custom YYachts of our range Y7, Y8, Y9. Among YYachts custom projects you can find Tripp 90, our latest custom boat, and Eugen Seibold launched in 2018 for the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation.

What We Say

Y-Yachts are dedicated to producing yachts that are light and fast, easy to sail and look good. At 70 to 100 feet – or 20 to 30 meters – in length, you will enjoy the ultimate comfort that only a luxury yacht can provide. Built in Germany, their designs are developed by the best naval architects in the world, delivering the highest quality and attention to detail for each client. They work with the most renowned designers such as Sir David Chipperfield, Bill Tripp, Lorenzo Argento, Design Unlimited, Surge Projects or Norm Architects.

The luxury of being able to set out to sea self-sufficiently and with confidence is priceless. Even more enjoyable, is a comfortable, high performance and seaworthy yacht that sails fast and looks cool.

Purchase your Y-Yacht through S6 Marine as a dealer for Y-Yachts in the UK.

What The Builders Say

The latest example of the ability of our Custom Division is YC Tripp 90 a 90-foot-long carbon sloop designed by the American naval architect Bill Tripp. The interiors are outfitted by Winch Design, superyacht design leader based in London. The yacht has been recently launched in May 2021 for an international customer that intends to sail in regattas as well as cruising worldwide.

On one hand, we have been trying to ensure the best-in-class interiors, with volumes equivalent to 100 footers. On the other hand, avoiding exaggerate lengths, Tripp 90 can perfectly suit with a human dimension, keeping away useless spaces that are difficult to manage and maintain.

A boat with a lot of value and beautifully finished with great sailing capabilities. It is a boat designed to go sail around the world for long and fast cruises. It is going to be a great adventure where the boat takes off for places unknown, crossing the oceans, discovering islands.

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