21.86 5.75 3.50 9.6T 2x NANNI N4.80 SD,

EACH 52.9kW

174 sqm
21.86 5.75
DRAFT (m) (Fixed Keel) BALLAST
3.50 9.6T
2x NANNI N4.80 SD,

EACH 52.9kW

174 sqm


A displacement of about only 29 tons and 300 square meters of sail area, set this almost 22 meter, 70 foot, long yacht in motion even in the lightest of winds. Her good ballast ratio keeps her very stable, so that a Y7 is extremely pleasant to sail. This luxury yacht was designed for family vacations as it can be operated with a very small crew or even alone. Easy handling combined with excellent performance and an interior completely tailored to the owner has made the Y7 a bestseller in the YYachts portfolio.

There are numerous options for dividing the Y7 below deck. With the available layouts, we can flexibly adapt the Y7 to your requirements. Whether you want to sail alone or with a crew, whether the galley should be open or closed. Up to four guest cabins are possible.
In addition, the Y7 offers what is probably the best crew cabin in its boat class from 65 to 75 foot – with its own entry from the cockpit, two single beds with a separate bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

A Y7 is much faster than a conventional 65 or 70 foot yacht. The goal is to experience sailing fun in the Mediterranean with light winds.

What We Say

Y-Yachts are dedicated to producing yachts that are light and fast, easy to sail and look good. At 70 to 100 feet – or 20 to 30 meters – in length, you will enjoy the ultimate comfort that only a luxury yacht can provide. Built in Germany, their designs are developed by the best naval architects in the world, delivering the highest quality and attention to detail for each client. They work with the most renowned designers such as Sir David Chipperfield, Bill Tripp, Lorenzo Argento, Design Unlimited, Surge Projects or Norm Architects.

The Y-7 is designed to be fast, and easy to handle with very few crew. This yacht will give you time for yourself as well as freedom and fun with your family and friends – a reliable investment in more quality of life. Lightweight construction goes hand in hand with more sailing fun and, above all, is more sustainable. When other yachts are still under engine, the sails are already set on a YYacht.

Purchase your Y-Yacht through S6 Marine as a dealer for Y-Yachts in the UK.

What The Builders Say

We have once again revised and optimized the interior of our popular Y7. The current Y7 already shows these details: The doors to all rooms now have rounded corners and thus a very maritime shape, as do almost all upholstered surfaces. The color tones are dominated by light fabrics and woods, giving the interior a timeless and modern touch. Due to the modular construction, the layout can be adapted to the wishes of the owner. Among other things, you can decide with our designers which wooden surface you desire.

By using carbon fiber and lightweight construction material in the interior, we achieve a high sail area/displacement ratio. All halyards, sheets and trimming lines run concealed to the steering positions – so the helmsman can operate the Y7 alone at any time.

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