New Build Project: Sunreef 80 ‘SEACLUSION’


The Rolls Royce of cruising catamarans: ‘SEACLUSION’ is the ultimate example of a Sunreef 80 sailing catamaran. This state-of-the-art model is designed for any eventuality from luxury getaways to comfortable transoceanic passages. The volume they have incorporated is unsurpassed; the combination of vast floor to ceiling windows in the saloon, 340sqm of living space, 4 huge en-suite guest cabins and full size beds provide the look and feel of a real super yacht. The central lounging area extends out onto deck with doors opening onto both the bow terrace and aft cockpit, offering a more open, flexible space for guests to enjoy. 

The top deck is like a whole new yacht offering more space for relaxation and socialisation with a large convertible table and seating area including sun pads and a full size bar. The two ample helm stations on the flybridge, with seating for two, means the yacht is under control at all times without spilling your G&T. From the aft cockpit, guests also have the option of a swim or sip a sundowner from the hydraulic beach club platform that can be lowered to sea level.

The owners opted for a modern, sophisticated interior with matching soft furnishings across the whole vessel to give a chic and contemporary feel as if you were in a 5-star hotel. SEACLUSION can accommodate 3 permanent crew members as it was important to the owners that the yacht was run efficiently and professionally. 

What you don’t see, or hear, is the quality that goes into the build- everything is put together properly, from the hulls upwards you can guarantee it’s all been built the right way, not the most cost effective way. SEACLUSION is fully customised to the owner’s taste and intentions for the yacht and was designed and built at Sunreef’s shipyard in Gdansk, Poland before being delivered to the owners in Barbados. 

The yacht was bought for private use only and will not be available to charter with the original owners who share time onboard throughout the year. This meant the design could be more personal to the private owners and their families, both in terms of design and functionality. One of the owners, for example, has two children so they wanted to a cabin layout that would comfortably accommodate the children and any friends they brought with them. In this case, the cabins would ideally be in a ‘twin’ formation with single beds. The second owner had different ideas in relation to the layout and how it would suit his guests. He wanted ‘double’ cabins with berths suitable for more adult guests, so a compromise needed to be found. This is where our team came in to work with Sunreef’s designers to create convertible cabins that would please both owners. The beds convert from two twin beds with bedside tables into a double bed, also with bedside tables. As the bed converts, the tables for the twin beds are covered and two other tables pop out at the sides for the double bed. This was just one feature of the yacht that was important for us to get right and is bespoke to the owners and their individual visions for the yacht. 

Services used:

  •    Shared ownership
  •      New Yacht Purchase 
  •      New Build Project Management 
  •      Equipment Supply & Install 
  •      Crew Recruitment and employment through our sister company diYachting 
  •      Yacht Management also through diYachting 
  •    MCA coding & compliance
  •    Registration (diYachting)

Shared Ownership

SEACLUSION has two private owners who share time onboard with their families and friends throughout the year. S6 Marine was approached by the majority owner who knew he wanted to buy his own yacht that would allow him to live onboard for around half the year while slowly cruising around the world with his wife. He had experience of long distance cruising before having done transatlantic passages in his Oyster 56 and was looking to get back out on the water, but in an ocean-going yacht with more space and better stability so a catamaran was perfect. The main owner had, chartered a catamaran of a similar size previously through diYachting so he had a good idea of what a Sunreef 80 would give him. 

The second private owner had been involved from the start and was a close friend of the main client. He too had a dream to own a large catamaran to live on for part of the year but for the next few years work and family would restrict the amount of time he could spend aboard, so the two owners agreed to share one catamaran with their ownership proportioned to reflect their intended use that would allow them to both live out their dream.

Shared yacht ownership has many benefits and is becoming ever more popular amongst buyers. Not only can you purchase a larger or more luxurious yacht than you might do so alone, you also have the advantage of sharing the ongoing running and maintenance costs. In this circumstance, the two owners were friends before purchasing SEACLUSION, but our ‘Shared Ownership Scheme’ means we are able to introduce up to four like minded individuals with a passion for yachts and an open mind about sharing assets and the benefits that come with it. If this sounds like something you are interested in, get in touch and we can discuss your project. 

Finding the Dream Yacht

S6 Marine invited the majority owner to the Cannes Boat Show so he could explore his options and gain a clearer understanding of what he wanted. Having seen the Sunreef 80 at the show, he fell in love and knew that was the model he wanted. We went through the specification of the Sunreef 80 over dinner the following night and he quickly placed the order.

We didn’t meet the second owner until the group visit to the Sunreef factory in Poland shortly after the order was placed. They were given a tour of the factory so they could see the design and build process of other yachts and we had a full day meeting with the interior designers to discuss fabrics and designs. The owners were very decisive and knew what they wanted from the interior even before it was discussed with the professionals, which meant the process was slightly quicker than it is with owners who don’t always know what they want from the design.

Following this meeting at the factory, there was a 6 month wait until the assigned build slot commenced and the shipyard started to construct the yacht. Being able to craft a yacht that met both owner’s expectations and visions of living aboard for long periods was imperative, and so the shipyard needed to be flexible in creating a truly bespoke catamaran with features that would suit both owners. This is where Sunreef Yachts excel. They have built a world-renowned reputation for building the highest quality custom-made luxury catamarans that are unique to the client in terms of layouts and design. The Sunreef 80 is a spacious, comfortable and seaworthy luxury catamaran, built exactly to their specification so perfect for this particular client. 

The Shipyard

Sunreef’s shipyard is based in Gdansk, Poland and has years of experience and the capacity to build top quality composite units, using the most advanced technologies available in the shipbuilding industry. Sunreef is dedicated to building fully custom yachts so with every project comes new layout blueprints and design ideas; the client is given endless choice of materials, colours and styles that best matches their taste and lifestyle. Interior design was so important to our client so giving the freedom of bespoke design was key in selecting the shipyard that would build their dream yacht. All the upholstery and woodwork is performed manually by the shipyard’s craftsmen using the finest and most advanced materials in an infinite variety of colours, shapes and textures. 

S6 Marine oversaw the whole build process for our client and ensuring all parties were happy, this involves regular visits to the shipyard, frequent communications with the Sunreef build manager and of course co-ordinating with the surveyor we appoint to ensure that the construction is proceeding correctly and in line with the design and construction plan. There is always something going on during the 4 months it takes from start of construction to delivering the yacht, teaks of specification, challenges that come top during build from both sides that need a quick, decisive response to ensure that the build remains on schedule. Although this was made a little harder with the addition of COVID restrictions in 2020 and, consequently, 2 months of delays. We worked to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the build as much as possible. 


From the style of the interior taps and textiles through to the electronics package and paint colours, our clients could customise their new yacht to suit their lifestyle and design tastes, and this was so important to both owners but for different reasons. Both owners and their wives were really interested and passionate about the interior design and furniture of the yacht, the majority owner needed a comfortable home at sea while it was important for the second owner that the yacht’s design was practical enough not only for his sporting family to be kept entertained but that he was able to work efficiently while he stayed on board.   

The second owner needed to be able to access the internet at any time, and from any location, and also need a large computer screen to work from. This request was in stark contrast to the main owner who wanted the yacht to be able to leave work behind and fully relax. It was therefore important that we found a compromise. With the designers we were able to create a standing office in the master suite that closed away into a wardrobe so it could be easily accessed but wouldn’t be seen by the other owner when they were aboard. The yacht also has satellite internet installed so the owner can access the internet easily worldwide. 

The chairs and sofas on the interior were important to the clients, both in a design and functional sense. To begin with, the owners could not find lounge chairs that they liked, were comfortable and that suited the rest of the yacht’s designed colour scheme. To try and get past this design block we invited them to Miami Boat Show, as soon as they sat in the chairs onboard the display Sunreef 80 they loved them, so instantly placed an order for them in a custom colour. They also designed sofas to have coloured lights underneath to create a glow under the furniture and we also designed for them removable back/head rests so the clients could be more comfortable when sitting and reading. 

Both owners love Hi-Tec as well as a classic look and feel so we proposed a bespoke design carbon steering wheel that remained lightweight, but also has a wood effect rim. Rather than using a heavy wood for the rim, the carbon was painted by a very skilful artist who was able to make the steering wheel appear to be made of wood. S6 Marine also made recommendations to the safety and leisure equipment they might want on board, to include the Williams Jet tender that can be stored on the hydraulic aft platform.

The layout was designed to fit four en-suite guest cabins into the hulls, with convertible beds to the forward port and starboard cabins to please both owners and their guest arrangements, as discussed previously. The crew quarters were also set up to be separate from the guest area by a clever horizontal door from the saloon that opens to stairs down into the Galley and Crew Mess. 

Although the clients were very interested and involved in the material design of the yacht, they were happy to leave technical and functional decisions up to Matt, our CEO who was lead Project Manager for the SEACLUSION project. Practical features to aid sailing and docking for the captain were thought about and fitted. For SEACLUSION we designed a panel on deck with engine and thruster controls for docking to allow the captain to both dock the yacht with a clear view astern but also help with docking lines for short-handed crews. She also had a second helm station fitted for a smoother sail and increased visibility when sailing with Genoa or code 0 that completely obscures the vision on the leeward side of the fly-bridge making helming from the windward side the only way to see what’s in front of you. 

The new captain of SEACLUSION was employed to join the yacht for the last 6 weeks of build so and made the trip to Poland before the end of the build to ensure all the extra equipment we supplied was fitted properly and met the client’s specification. 

Impact of COVID-19

One might expect COVID to have had a substantial impact on the design, build and even purchase process of any yacht, yet it actually made little difference in the case of SEACLUSION. The whole project, from design to delivery took 14 months which is not much longer than a project that would take place under normal circumstances. Sunreef carried on production throughout the 2020 lockdown where most other shipyards closed. The greatest impact the pandemic had was on travel; the clients were unable to travel as much as we would normally expect to view the yacht through various stages of construction, meet designers and shipbuilders and the build Managers. Yet these meetings largely took place over zoom which was of no hinderance to the progress of the project. The main set back came in the form of a few equipment supplier and parts delays, such as that of the engine manufacturer who shut their factory due to COVID meaning the engines were delivered 2 months late. As a result of this delay and the owners inability to travel  we arranged for the yacht to be shipped to the Caribbean from Holland after a short (yet VERY cold) sea trial out of the Baltic and through the Keil Canal, rather than sailed all the way across the Atlantic, to make up for lost time waiting for the parts to arrive. Other than this, the process was smooth and was not negatively impacted by the virus. 

The Handover

The official handover of the yacht took place at the shipyard in Gdansk. Due to travel restrictions, the owners were unable to fly to Poland for this handover, so the Captain accepted the yacht on their behalf. Upon arrival in Barbados we flew out and were delighted to be able to hand over this beautiful yacht to the owners who were over the moon with the finished product with all the custom features they requested and were delighted to start using their new yacht. 

The owners have used the yacht for several months now, with the second owner living and working on board in Barbados. He is thrilled with how the yacht turned out, particularly the features that allow him to work effectively from his standing office with reliable internet connection. 

S6 Marine supplied the whole yacht with the equipment she needed to operate safely and efficiently, and as a result she was ready to be used immediately after the handover. This included everything from safety equipment and rigging, to bedding, galley equipment and crew uniform, and most importantly, the water toys! S6 Marine are still in touch with the owners and the crew as SEACLUSION goes through her warranty period, and our sister company, diYachting, now manage the yacht and employ the crew. 

Following the hand over, the owners have said that their experience working with Matt and the S6 Marine team throughout the project was an “awesome” experience thanks to our undeniable expertise and “logical approach”. He added that he is looking forward to using S6 Marine’s range of services again in the future, particularly when he is looking to sell Seaclusion and upgrade to a larger yacht. 

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