Two yacht building heavyweights come together to create brilliance: CNB meets Solaris Yachts

April 9, 2021

Groupe Beneteau has sold CNB Yacht Builders to Solaris Yachts as part of their “Let’s Go Beyond!” strategy. 

The new partnership between CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) yacht builders and Solaris Yachts will see the birth of sailing yachts from 40 to 110 feet, and new models of yacht that combine features from both distinguished companies. The synergy represents a new age for CNB yachts and presents a unique and very welcomed opportunity to the luxury yacht market.

With 80 years of unrivalled experience and knowledge combined, two minds are better than one, this partnership will satisfy all yachting enthusiasts and their expectations and dreams with the benefit of being able to surprise yacht owners with innovation and evolution that these yacht building superpowers are capable of. The first offspring of the synergy comes in the form of the CNB 8X (CNB 92) and will be built at Solaris Yachts. 

CNB have been experts in the ship building sector for over 30 years now, they pride themselves on the design and production of elegant, seaworthy and durable luxury vessels- a trademark of any CNB yacht. Originally, CNB were world-renowned for producing one-off, customised projects that slowly developed into semi-custom projects. Today, some of CNB’s best selling models include the CNB 76 and CNB 66, both a shining example of CNB’s dedication to blue water sailing. 

Solaris Yachts is a privately owned shipyard that has been raising yacht building standards since 1974. To begin with, they too specialised in semi-custom luxe yachts, and it was only recently they have moved into the motor yacht market with the Solaris Power. Solaris continue to produce high-quality,  large and powerful hulls that carry the traditionally elegant and timeless interior we would expect from a Solaris yacht. Ultimately, and much like CNB yachts, every yacht that comes out of the yard is guaranteed to be a fast, power and sophisticated machine that has been bred for performance first and for most, to satisfy sailing and racing enthusiasts, while maintaining a constant aura of class and luxury. 

The amalgamation of CNB ship builders and Solaris Yachts is a very exciting revelation in the yachting world and presents an opportunity for innovation and the development of revolutionary ideas and models that habit been seen before, while also combing and respecting the best of parts each individual company and their identities. Together, both companies will have to develop and adapt their building facilities to be able to accommodate the demands of the exclusive market in one ship building yard. The transition period will run through 2022 at CNB to allow Solaris to gradually integrate production, and the CNB 66 and 76’s will continue to be produced during this time at the Monfalcone facility. From 2022, CNB 66 and CNB 76 production will gradually transition to the Solaris site. 

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