A New Age of Buy-to-Let Yacht Purchase

June 7, 2023

Experience the joys and benefits of yacht ownership while receiving annual income with our Buy-to-Let Charter Management Programmes. S6 Marine offer a range of luxury yachts that you can purchase through us, fully equipped and ready to place into charter management with our sister company diYachting. With a focus on income or owner use, and running your yacht to the highest standards you can rest assured your “pride and joy” will be in the best possible hands delivering the best possible returns on investment.

diYachting has over 20 years of industry experience as a yacht management and charter company. The team does not just sell the charters but handles everything in relation to the chartering of your yacht, from advice on the setup, photo shoot and brochure production, to managing website listings, charter calendars, bookings and the charters themselves.

More information about diYachting can be found here.


Zero running costs guaranteed and fixed return on investment guaranteed (dependent on type & location of yacht) in the region of 5% per annum, check with us as returns vary based on the yacht you choose. This option means zero owner use, but you can use your boat for a discounted charter fee whenever you want with priority bookings and flexible dates.

Please note that the Zero- 4- Zero programme only applies to yachts purchased through S6 Marine.


Maximum charter and reduced owner use, best suited to investors seeking to minimise annual running costs and maximise income but still want some use of their yacht included in the deal. For example, 15 weeks charter and 2 weeks owner use will give you a nice little dividend at the end of the year and running cost free yachting.


Fixed and guaranteed number of charter weeks with the rest of the season available for owner use with you still enjoying the benefits of our management services and the Tax/VAT advantages of charter ownership. For example, 8 weeks charter and 8 weeks owner use will give you significant reductions in the running costs.


Charter management as you want it, adaptable in line with your needs from year to year. Balance charter for income when you can’t use the boat with owner use to fit in with your needs.


*Click here to download the Buy-to-Let Charter Management PDF*

Please note that this PDF refers to the Moon 60 and Moon 60 Power as an illustration of the Charter Management Programmes. Get in touch with our team for specific numbers applied to other yachts. See below for all yachts available as part of the Programme.


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