9.89 2.90 300 HP 60 L 100 L 420 L
27.4 13.3
Up to 6 2.9
8 Knots 11 Knots
3,000 – 20,000 L From X2 225HP


The V10 is a high-tech, low-carbon day cruiser for eco-conscious consumers who expect the most contemporary products on the market and also care about tomorrow’s planet. Combining its highly spirited character with luxury standard equipment and quality, the V10 is inspired by Scandinavian style, boasts highly efficient Swedish Petestep hull technology, and powers through waves using Norwegian electric EVOYoutboards (as one of the engine options).

With the option of a fixed roof for permanent protection from the elements, this boat boasts many features for active relaxation and fun in the water, while using every trick in the boat building book to be more efficient and ecological. Virtue also offer the V10 Open, that is as beautiful as the V10 Top with all the same options, but the freedom to let your spirits reach the sky. The super-efficient hull with the possibility of fully electric propulsion for the most visionary buyer takes eco-friendly boating to another level.

The V10 features is a modern open-bow center console design. The deck allows up to 8 people to relax or be active in ultimate comfort. The bow features a double sunbed with cupholders, while aft, there is a flexible seating area on top of spaciously designed storage lockers. The area can be configured as either benches individually facing forward or backwards with the table in the middle raised, or as a comfortable sunbed with the table lowered.

Between the helm and the back seating area, covered from the elements by the fixed top, is a galley generously equipped with a refrigerator, electric or gas grill, sink and food preparation board. In the bow is a full cabin that comes standard equipped with a fairly wide double bed, a wardrobe, lockers, and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

It is one of the very few boats specifically designed around and for use with electric outboards and their rapidly advancing battery technology. It uses solar panels on the fixed sunroof to support the main charging system. The V10 hull design pledges to minimize drag and motion and maximize efficiency and smoothness when cruising the waters at planing speeds. It reduces energy consumption up to 35%, enabling smaller engines for the same driving experience. Depending on the selected engines the V10 achieves a top speed over 50 knots and cruising speed between 20 and 40 knots.

What We Say

The Polish shipyard Virtue Yachts is producing sporty, stylish day boats that prioritise speed, performance and comfort whilst limiting their impact on the natural environment.

If you are looking for a day cruiser along your favourite coast, with your nearest and dearest, Virtue is the ultimate option. They are the smoothest and most sustainable adventure boat on the market. These yachts are also great for short stays over night, thanks to the facilities onboard and the focus around comfort and guest experience, or as a luxury tender for a larger super yacht.

The V10 fits comfortably in a 10 x 3 meter marina mooring box, a very common European marina size that often costs substantially less than above 10m length Lighter-optioned models can be towed and slipped with a 3.5to boat trailer. The V10 is your center for active fun and relaxation on the water.

The V10 is not just an ambitious and agile yacht – it is your new and comfortable tool for active leisure. Quality and versatility are the elements you need when out on the water. We are proud to offer these yachts to our clients.

What The Builders Say

Virtue Yachts are created by people with a deep passion for yachting. Our engineering team has many years of expertise in yacht production. But above all, we are active boaters ourselves. We specialise in creating yachts with features lacking in the current market. We strive for technological perfection, but we also want to be part of positive ecological change. This is the reason that our modern manufacturing facility is environmentally friendly and partly solar-powered.

We are extremely discerning when it comes to the technology we utilise and take meticulous care when selecting each solution. The construction process takes place in a climate-controlled and well-ventilated environment. The vacuum infusion and assembly of each element is performed with diligence and attention to detail. Gelcoat-spraying and laminate-cutting is carried out in separate enclosed and ventilated areas with a focus on environmental and worker protection. We always use only the highest quality materials. We aim to not only design and build modern yachts, but also focus on eco-conscious yacht production.

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