The Expedition Superyacht: A New Line of Sunreef Explorer Yachts

June 29, 2022

Sunreef Yachts are leading the way as pioneers of luxury explorer catamarans that combine seaworthiness and extreme range with comfort, safety and sophistication. The new range of Explorer super yachts is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of exploration, circumnavigation and adventure on yachts, by providing more range and versatility for extended voyages. With a shallow draft, unmatched storage capacity and vast entertainment areas, the Sunreef Explorer line is the next generation of expedition super yachts dedicated to discovering new horizons. 

The Explorer range is designed to go anywhere, from lush tropical islands to the most extreme latitudes. They can remain self-sufficient for months and offer all autonomy needed for worldwide exploration. 

Catamarans are the safest platforms for extended navigation as all crucial systems on board are doubled, from 2 engines and 2 fuel tanks to 2 water tanks and multiple generators. 

As with each of the Sunreef ranges, the Explorer line is fully-customisable to match the owner’s ambitious navigation plans. Every detail of the yacht’s design and equipment can be tailored to satisfy the owner’s vision. 

The definition of luxury has changed over the years. Nowadays, true luxury is a sensation, a feeling, an experience. Our activity as a shipyard, goes far beyond building boats. We build emotions, we design magic moments at sea and we craft dreams into reality. Our new Explorer Line is all about living the moment.” – Francis Lapp, Founder of Sunreef Yachts

The 40M and 50M Sunreef Explorer make up the newest range. Blending elegance and cutting edge technology, the 40M Explorer offers transoceanic range and solid performance in rough seas. The extended aft deck houses a launching crane, a 7m tender, 2 jet skis and storage for water toys, and when the hydraulic aft platform is lowered, guests can enjoy the 13.34m full- beam private beach club with a cocktail at sunset. 

The living space is immense totally 654m2 with accommodation spread across 3 decks, all of which are fully-customisable in terms of layout and design. Custom features available for this concept include a playroom with self-levelling pool table, a steam room or master suite with private fold-out balcony. 

Alfresco relaxation areas include a large sun lounge with a spa pool surrounded by oversized sunpads and a bar as well as a vast bow terrace. 

With a private spa, a gym, and outdoor cinema with a bar, the 50M Sunreef Explorer provides superyacht comfort in the most remote cruising grounds. Designed and built to provide unrivalled luxury, the explorer catamaran opens unlimited possibilities for alfresco lounging with an immense aft deck using the entire 14,3m beam. Her interiors welcome up to twelve guests in light-filled dining and relaxation areas and custom-designed staterooms. 

The yacht’s tender cranes, garages, windlasses, aft platform and thrusters are all perfectly engineered for delivering the ultimate performance, even in the most difficult conditions.

World renowned adventurer and professional explorer Mike Horn was appointed ambassador for this new line. Mike has accomplished a series of groundbreaking expeditions including a solo journey around the equator without motorised transport, making him a great ambassador for the latest line of Explorer super yachts.

If you are interested in this new range and want to find out more, reach out to the S6 Marine team for more details on how you could design your own expedition super yacht.


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