New Build Project: CNB 66 ‘GIGI’

About GIGI

‘GiGi’ is hull no.7 of the brand new CNB 66. Dubbed a ‘mini CNB 76’ this yacht exudes elegance and sophistication. Designed for comfort and speed, she is able to handle long sea passages, while the Philippe Briand designed vertical stem and aft chine makes her simple to manoeuvre; ideal for short handed crew and charters. Down below, the 270 degree windows create a bright and airy ambiance with fantastic panoramic views from the saloon. The Jean-Marc Piaton detailing is luxurious and the layout spacious. Crucially, relaxation onboard this CNB 66 is paramount, making ‘GiGi’ a real treat for everyone who sails her.

Services used:

  •    Shared ownership
  •      Buyers Agent
  •    New build project management
  •    Equipment supply & install
  •    MCA coding & compliance
  •     Crew recruitment (diYachting)
  •    Registration (diYachting)
  •    Management (diYachting) 
  •    Charter management (diYachting) 

Shared Ownership

‘GiGi’ has two owners who share time onboard alongside a busy charter schedule. S6 Marine handled the purchase, set up the partnership, and managed the build of ‘GiGi’ from the very beginning, assisting in the acquisition, project management of the build and preparing her for charter. Our sister company, diYachting, now also look after all of the day to day running of the yacht to ensure both partners and the charter guests get the very best out of this incredible yacht, cooperatively and hassle free.

Sound too good to be true? Here is how we made it all happen.

Our client came to us wanting to purchase a brand new sailing yacht that they and their family could enjoy in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, as well as make available for charter. They were also interested in establishing a shared ownership deal with one other private partner, to help them to attain a larger yacht for less of an investment. Their proposal was that the boat would be used for 24 weeks every 12 months with either partner enjoying 8 weeks each with the remaining 8 weeks reserved for charter.

However, they needed someone to manage the whole operation to ensure all parties were cooperative and the partnership amicable. This is where S6 Marine stepped in; with plenty of experience helping owners find and purchase the yacht of their dreams, as well as managing the day to day running and charter activities of yachts of a similar caliber and size, we were only too keen to assist.

Shared yacht ownership has many benefits and is becoming ever more popular amongst buyers. Not only can you purchase a larger or more luxurious yacht than you might do so alone, you also have the advantage of sharing the ongoing running and maintenance costs. Furthermore, most boat owners don’t usually have the time to fully justify the purchase of a yacht outright, so by sharing, you can still enjoy a decent amount of time onboard without the full outlay.

Finding the Dream Yacht

With an extremely busy sailing schedule on the cards, the chosen vessel needed to be capable of sailing plenty of miles, and robust enough to cope with numerous charters. Our client was also keen for the boat to be luxurious and comfortable as well as simple to sail, fun and exhilarating.

Their ultimate dream yacht was a CNB 76. But, alas, this was out of reach. Undeterred, we set about looking for something that would deliver just as much enjoyment and pleasure, but fit their budget too. After considering, viewing and subsequently rejecting a handful of yachts including a classic CNB77 and a one off 72ft, we moved focus back to the new boat market. Luckily, the stars were aligned and our search didn’t take long; CNB were about to launch the brand new CNB 66. Drawing inspiration from the aspirational CNB 76, the smaller model promised to be fast, luxurious and manoeuvrable, but at a lower price point – the ideal solution that really did tick all of the boxes. Upon presenting the design plans to our client, they instantly fell in love and gave us the go ahead to secure a build slot and to find a suitable partner to help make their dream come true.

The Perfect Partnership

Without delay, we set out to find a suitable co-owner for this fabulous new CNB 66. Finding an appropriate and compatible partner for our client was integral to creating a harmonious relationship, so we drew upon our previous experience and took time to understand both parties in order to find the perfect match. We needed to find someone who was trustworthy, reliable, had the right budget and, ultimately, was happy to share the yacht and cooperate with the general conditions of the partnership deal. In this case, we worked with another broker to find a partner who was able to commit to a 30/70 deal in which our client would own a larger share of the yacht and obtain more time onboard over the course of the year. The new partner would not only allow our client to acquire the yacht of their dreams, but they were a great addition to the team, bringing enthusiasm for the project and a zest to drive the partnership forward.

CNB Precision

Although our client had seen the CNB plans for the new 66 model, they hadn’t actually seen a real one at this point. So, with the first yacht in full production at the state-of-the-art CNB factory in Bordeaux, we took a visit to see the first hull out of the moulds. CNB boasts some of the best boat building facilities in the world. With advanced technology, CNB are able to build the interior in carefully planned out modules that are then slotted into the hull with laser sharp precision.

This allows multiple teams to work on the boat simultaneously, and gives the customer the opportunity to view and customise certain aspects of the interior before it is fitted into place.

Our client was blown away by the advanced capabilities of the factory and were very pleased with their first glimpse of the CNB 66. It was at this point that they could really start to visualise the scale of the yacht and how they would spend their time onboard.

Taking a Test Drive

A few months later we invited our client to join us in Saint-Tropez to test sail the very first CNB 66 on the water – the same one they had seen in build at the factory, a yacht also managed by our sister company diYachting. On the lay day of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, CNB organised some laid back and friendly racing, giving our client a fantastic opportunity to have a proper look around the yacht and to see her perform on the race track. With the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera, the CNB 66 flaunted all of her best sides; slicing through the water effortlessly and dancing elegantly around the race course.

The friendly embrace of the CNB family was fully felt and our clients were dazzled by the welcoming hospitality. Inspired and eager to see the build of their own CNB 66 start to take place, they took the opportunity to think about the kit that they would like onboard and identify some unique specifications. A custom furling boom was deemed essential to guarantee sailing every day that they were on board, but the option of a carbon mast was declined. Furthermore, a code zero setup was perceived to be more suitable than a spinnaker for the more cruising orientated sailing that the yacht would be doing.

The Build

A little while later, after much anticipation and excitement, hull number 7 was formed and the main build of ‘GiGi’ began. S6 Marine carried out regular inspections throughout the build to ensure that everything was going to plan and that the ever evolving timeline was managed and controlled. We also documented the whole build, taking pictures of all of the hidden systems for future reference and keeping our clients up to date with the progress, acting as their one point of contact for any queries or special requests.

Simple Customisation

As with all new boat builds, there were many important decisions and choices to be made. From the style of the interior taps and textiles through to the electronics package and paint colours, our client could customise their new yacht to suit their lifestyle and design tastes. Sometimes, this process can be a bit overwhelming, and without a solid understanding of how a yacht will operate, selecting the best options can be difficult. So, as always, the S6 Marine team were on hand to provide expert and technical advice to the new owners, helping them to build a yacht that would run efficiently and deliver all that they wished for.

Furthermore, due to CNB’s ultra efficient modular build system, customisation of the interior was straightforward. In this case, our client was keen to use the two facing sofas in the saloon whilst under sail, so we worked with CNB to design an additional armrest that would allow passengers to sit comfortably on the sofas, even when sat to windward. This addition was constructed and fitted before the saloon module was lifted into the hull, making the process less complicated than it would have been in situ. Our client also wanted a state-of-the-art air conditioning system and an advanced electronics package onboard, so we were able to ensure CNB has these before all of the flooring and panelling was put in place.

MCA Coding

This was also a useful stage in the process to identify any potential issues with the MCA coding and to build in any additional safety requirements. Trying to retrofit MCA specific equipment can be tricky, so we took advantage of having access to the systems early on and made sure everything was specced appropriately. For example, we were able to get CNB to fit out the engine room with fire proof hoses, shut down boxes and vents before the floor was laid, which was much easier than fitting it later on.


As well as managing the new build, S6 Marine looked after all of the new yacht registration, bringing together all of the required documents, declarations, bills of sale and surveys. We also created a new company to incorporate all of the charter activities for the yacht. This was especially important due to the numerous parties involved.

Ready to Sail Package

One thing that is often overlooked when buying a new build yacht is all of the extra equipment that you will need to live onboard and set sail straight away. Things like safety equipment, cutlery, galley appliances, entertainment systems, water-sport toys, towels and linen all need organising before launch. Over the years we have compiled an extensive list of essential items that can be bought as a one stop shop package and that we will install for your ultimate convenience. We also have a list of optional extras that will make your life onboard even more special. ‘GiGi’s’ owners jumped at the chance of having everything purchased and loaded onboard without any of the usual hassle and we worked together to formulate the best package possible to get them started come launch day.

Living the Dream

On handover day our clients were full of thrill and delight; their dream had come true. ‘GiGi’ was ready to welcome her new owners onboard and begin a busy and varied life exploring the Mediterranean and Caribbean as both a private and chartered ‘mini superyacht.’

After launch, we delivered all the required kit, installing everything including a custom entertainment system and full safety gear package. Moreover, water toys, galley and interior items, spares, tools and much more were delivered whilst we remained on board for the sea trial to start picking up any warranty items.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Our sister company diYachting coordinates and carries out all of the ongoing maintenance for ‘GiGi’ and controls the costs against the annual budget. Keeping ‘GiGi’ in tip top condition is vital to ensure that everyone has a pleasurable time onboard and that nothing breaks down during any sea passages or charters. A good maintenance plan is also key to preserving her residual value. Our in-house technicians have a wealth of boat systems knowledge and we are an authorised CNB service centre, so our clients can rest assured that their yacht is in safe hands.

Full Service Management

Today, diYachting acts as a single point of contact for both of the owners and all of the charter guests, managing the yacht’s calendar and overseeing all charter activities. They carefully manage the schedule to ensure that both owners get their fair share of use and that the yacht is in the right place at the right time to meet all of the pre-booked charters. They also promote and administer all of the charter bookings, manage the logistics and finances and look after the ongoing budget to make sure everything runs smoothly.


This new build project was a labour of love. The CNB 66 is a wonderful addition to the CNB collection and is the perfect mini version of the distinguished CNB 76. The time we spent monitoring the build for the very best quality finish and customising the yacht to our client’s exact requirements has resulted in a stunning new yacht that we are very proud to represent and care for.

‘GiGi’ is very lucky to have two incredible owners who are very excited to spend time onboard, and who are willing to share her with charter guests, so that they too can enjoy this magnificent mini superyacht.

If you have been inspired by ‘GiGi’s’ story, contact us to find out how we could help you with a new build purchase, or to manage a collaborative acquisition.


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