Eco Sail


Sunreef Yachts unveiled the Eco range of eco-friendly catamarans in 2019, offering cutting edge electric propulsion, naturally-sourced sustainable materials, smart energy management and new technologies including integrated solar panels in the hulls and superstructure. This range looks towards a greener future of responsible, environmentally conscious yachting.

These luxury cruising boats can be equipped with a hybrid drive system, 300kw of lithium batteries and can provide up to 24 hours of silent running in complete luxury. In-house designed and manufactured by the shipyard solar panels can be combined with any yacht’s surface and with their full size and shape customisation, you can easily adapt them to any structure on board.

With the industry’s lightest panels, smart engineering and ultra-efficient lithium battery packs, Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans find the perfect balance of energy production and consumption.

What We Say

We fell in love with the idea of a state of the art, luxury catamaran, offering full freedom of customisation, constructed out of sustainable materials and equipped with innovative, green technologies to maximise its energy efficiency.

We are a massive fan of the use of naturally-sourced and eco-responsible materials such a basalt and linen-based structures in the production of hulls, superstructures and furniture, without any compromise on luxury and comfort. The range also offers fully recyclable sails that offer great performance but can also be given a second life when they need to be replaced.

An ecological yacht, equipped with electric motors powered by light batteries, ensuring quiet sailing, is definitely something we say YES to!

What The Builders Say

This green philosophy of yachting is present in each and every aspect of the Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans. Their design incorporates wind generators, ultralight custom-engineered lithium batteries, nontoxic bottom paints, green composite structures as well as state-of-the-art watermakers.

The Sunreef Yachts Eco harvest power from the sun more efficiently than most solar catamarans. In-house designed and manufactured by the shipyard, Sunreef Yachts’ solar panels are fully-integrated with the composite bodywork, vastly increasing the amount of solar power generated.

Enter a world of vibration and fume-free navigation. Sunreef’s eco-friendly catamarans feature advanced electric engines offering the best of autonomy and performance for a responsible yachting experience.

Thanks to innovative propulsion solutions, the shipyard’s eco-friendly catamarans combine fuel savings, low-maintenance and ultra-silent operation. Electric propulsion not only is the green choice for conscious yachting but also brings more freedom, peace of mind and luxury on board.

Sunreef Yachts eco-friendly catamarans have the option to be equipped with ultramodern hybrid propulsion systems as well. Besides significantly reduced Co2 emissions, hybrid engines take eco cruising to the next level by combining the best of electric motoring with the advantages of thermal engines.

Hybrid engines not only offer reliable propulsion but can also be used to recharge the yacht’s battery bank for even more energy-efficiency. Eco-friendly yachts by Sunreef Yachts are a guarantee of solid performance, low-maintenance and Atlantic-range.

Relying on wind as an essential source of propulsion is the most natural way to think about yachting. Sunreef Yachts’ sailing range of eco-friendly catamarans offers top quality rigging and fully-recyclable performance sails. Wind can also be a precious support when it comes to motor yacht propulsion.

The shipyard’s range of Power eco-friendly yachts can be fitted with high-performance kites to combine the advantages of eco motoring with wind propulsion. Frequently used for towing large container ships, kites are an extremely powerful support for leisure crafts.Sunreef Yachts’ motor yachts equipped with kites enjoy oceanic range, massive fuel savings, more visibility and safety.


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