CNB 78

23.17 6.10 up to 4+ crew 3.5 6-8 2-3 14 knots VOLVO D4 175 HP
23.17 6.10
3 + crew 3.5
6-8 2-3
14 knots VOLVO D4 175 HP


The CNB 78 is the latest model in the CNB range, incorporating the well-respected heritage of CNB with modern day technologies and revolutionary design. Naval architect Philippe Briand and designer Jean-Marc Piaton have conceived this yacht as the updated, refined version of the CNB 76, in the same family spirit, with the same simplicity of use but with larger volumes and a refinement advanced to the tiniest of details.

The hull becomes wider, more aggressive with a 2-chine hull and a slimmer roof: in actual practice, we have a boat that maintains all the standards of its predecessor, but is more modern, even more attractive.

The interior benefits from the greater width of the hull and can accommodate guest cabins the same size as the owner’s suite, worthy of a 90 ft vessel.

What We Say

This semi-custom sailboat’s vocation is to pick up on all the strengths of the CNB 76 while offering greater space for welcoming friends, with up to 4 guests cabins of equal size, a crew cabin and space worthy of an over-90-foot yacht. But above all, this is a seaworthy boat, as comfortable in the Mediterranean as at the far ends of the world.

Designed to be operated by a small team, performance has obviously not been left aside, with a sail area/displacement ratio superior to that of the CNB 76, promising many happy hours at the helm!

The CNB 78 is the perfect synthesis between the functionality of the CNB 76 and the need for more space, self-sufficiency and luxury. This new model represents the modern direction this shipyard is heading in.

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What The Builders Say

Equally at ease in on transatlantic passage as on the racecourse, her balance at the helm is the result of the stability of her hull shape and her stiffness under sail.

The style combines noble wood, textiles and lacquered surfaces in a subtle harmony.
The other strong point of the CNB 78 is Solaris quality. A one-piece hull with its bulkheads, the seamless woodwork, top-of-the-range equipment by primary brands.

The CNB 78 follows in the footsteps of the successful CNB 76, so much so that we have already sold a few hulls.

A modern and balanced hull with a wide stern and taut lines, luxurious and seaworthy layout, all define the CNB 88.

The CNB 78 meets the challenge of offering everything you would expect from a boat over 90 feet in length while remaining very easy to sail.

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