Gunboat 55


Price: $1,465,000

Year: 2015

Length: 56.10ft/ 17.32M

Beam: 25.5ft/ 7.75M

Builder: Gunboat

Model: Gunboat 55

Category: Sailing Catamaran

Cabins: 3

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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Starship is a 2015 Gunboat 55 hull # 09. Starship was first launched in 2017. Her hull and deck were built by Gunboat with epoxy infused carbon with Corecell foam cores. Starship is the original essence of what Gunboat set out to do. She was custom finished in 2017 by Crosswait Composites (many of the former Gunboat NC based boatbuilders from 2015) to meet the owner’s requirements to achieve a sailing yacht deliberately kept simpler and more reliable for operation by the owner-operator.

This Gunboat 55 gets back to Gunboat’s roots when owners enjoyed operating, sailing, and ably cruising their Gunboats themselves, without crew. Starship’s systems are much simpler than what has become the recent more complex norm. Her carbon center-boards are adjusted simply by lines without complex hydraulics. If you touch bottom, you appreciate just replacing a down line, rather than the headache a daggerboard boat may endure. Her winches are manual, and can be powered by their handheld electric powered handles.

Starship is one of the later Gunboat 55’s and benefitted from that series production. She has been kept lighter weight than most of the Gunboat 55’s by keeping her simple, and her purpose is focused on being an able family cruiser. She has served this owner’s family well between the Bahamas and Maine with the kids standing watch, and the family enjoying their annual North-South migration. Starship clicks off the miles reliably, safely and swiftly.

Starship features a beautiful and well engineered carbon mast built by Marstrom in Sweden. This rig was originally built for a Gunboat 60. Her rig will handle operator error without worry.

Her furniture was installed by Gunboat, and is the usual Gunboat level. The other interior finishes have been done in a lighter weight and simpler fashion. Most who have toured Starship will say she has been simply and tastefully finished to handle active cruising, and is nicer than most performance cruising cats in this size range.

Starship is a cruiser first and foremost, without the obsessive racing focus that you can find on other Gunboats. When you are at sea shorthanded with a family crew, you sail conservatively. Starship is set up for that cruising parameter. Her sails are simpler and more rugged spec. Everything works well on Starship with a minimum of fuss.

She represents a great owner-operator solution for a buyer seeking a Gunboat that they can sail and maintain themselves without crew, and without complexity. In short, she is the Gunboat that we all want for ourselves.


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