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You know you want one as soon as you see it…

It would seem that Y-Yachts are the yard currently if you want a carbon bullet of a Yacht. Built from Carbon and out of the Northern European Yard that lies on the Baltic sea, they are producing sailing yachts that rock the world; light, fast, stylish and oh, what great value to boot. 

These yachts are Michael Schmidt’s latest creation is his solution to simple sailing at the luxury end of the scale. The decorated sailor, who founded Hanse Yachts, believes in a ‘keep-it-simple’ philosophy with his models, which you may find hard to believe when looking at this new breed of 70 footers and beyond, and the levels of technical complexity that must lie beneath its carbon fibre/epoxy skins.

Y-Yachts was created by Michael Schmidt and has become one more of his success stories. As with so many boatyards, this one began when Schmidt, a passionate regatta sailor and renowned yacht builder, was looking for his own private sailing yacht.

He knew exactly what he wanted and had the main features in his head that shaped the design and build of the yacht. She must be fast and therefore light and she had to be beautiful as well as practical and suitable for passage-making in comfort. But she had to have grace and speed ultimately. 

So, fast forward to today there is now an extended range of 70 – 90ft sailing yachts, all well-made, beautiful and very fast sailing yachts all that make the heart pound and the airs swirl… You want to get on out into that 15 ktn breeze and let her run before the wind, taking you to the places you wanted to go.. And then arrive in style well before you expected and full of exhilaration and joy. Maybe so much, you just want to turn around and do it again…

So take a look at the Y-Yachts and allow yourself to be transported to another world. That place is where yachts really do match your dreams and, if you are lucky, your plans and timetables. At under €3mill euros for a new 70ft Carbon all singing, all dancing sailing yacht what is there not to like? So remember that promise you made yourself, the one about buying the yacht of your dreams and  sailing off in delight?.. Come and make it happen.

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