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Super Yacht SeaXplorer 105: The New 345 ft Transoceanic Expedition Yacht

Luxury, glamour, size and comfort in the harshest of destinations is the best way to describe Damen Yachting’s spectacular SeaXplorer 105. This is the largest of all the models in the SeaXplorer line with more than 62,000 square feet of volume across eight decks and an 8,000 mile travel range to cross the Pacific without refuelling. It is truly incredible, and not only to look at!

Credit: Damen Yachts

The infinite space on this yacht accommodates two owner’s suites, sleeps 24 guests and 29 crew, has garages for two helicopters, a heli-deck that also acts as a tennis or half-basketball court and outdoor cinema with a C SEED unfolding screen, space for five 43 ft tenders and garage space for a submarine, snowmobiles and kayaks. She is also host to her very own water sports centre, scuba deck and water level platform for immediate access to the sea. The swim platform also acts as an open bar with an upstairs lounge.

“The SeaXplorer 105 is a fully developed design… However, the scope for client customisation is massive–that’s a key part of our proposition throughout the design process.”– Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer design manager.

The hull is ‘Polar Class 7’ meaning it is designed for harsh environments and situations such as cutting through ice. This model also has retractable stabiliser fins to help break through truck-sized blocks of ice, rather than regular fixed fins that can be hazardous in such conditions.

Comfort and ease is key when it comes to the interior of this range. The forward Observation Lounge means guests enjoy incredible views all day and into the evening. The indoor spa is also full-featured with a gym, whirlpool, steam room, massage area, hairdresser and beauty salon as well as the 26 ft indoor swimming pool; what more could you want?

Damen Yachting plan to use PYC rules for the build in order for it to be chartered.

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