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Southern Wind Yachts News

So, you want a new yacht and you want something that is:

  1. A World Cruiser 
  2. Well-made 
  3. Holds its value
  4. Designed for short-handed sailing 
  5. Comfortable for long stays or even life aboard for a year or two
  6. Easily managed 
  7. Has a nice turn of speed
  8. Semi-custom design
  9. Made of Composite
  10. Big name designers
  11. Built in less than 24 months for design sign off
  12. Around 100 Ft
  13. Low running costs 
  14. Lower than this market sector leaders (Swan Nautor) pricing 

That’s some list you need to match? Does this yacht or brand exist? 

Well, today it does. There is a brand that has been known to the industry for years, and they have been slowly but surely climbing to the peak of their market sector and now are firmly entrenched at the top table. Southern Wind is based in Italy and build the yachts in South Africa that are absolute gems of Sailing Yachts in the 25m and bigger bracket. They will work from 25m to 40m range.

Southern Wind as a brand, and as a philosophy, believe that working with and producing semi-custom design and in-house construction offer the most versatile and cost-effective platform for enjoying the bluewater sailing that these yachts were born to do.  SWS decided years ago to work with the best and now work with many of leading design studios and naval architects such as Nauta Design, Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design to develop and engineer the basic design package that our owners then customise to meet their needs. The choice of yacht equipment, along with the interior fittings, always come via “Best of Breed” suppliers and manufacturers.

Over the past 25 years, SWS has continuously improved, upgraded and fine-tuned these platforms, as well as the design, build and the construction processes, to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology. And oh boy, does it show in the masterpieces that pop out of the yard on an ever increasing basis. SWS believe that semi-custom does not mean less choice. There is ample room for personalisation along the way and although all our yachts share a common heritage, no two are the same. In fact, semi-custom at SWS means customising all that is visible on the yacht while relying on tried-and-tested solutions for the elements that are not.

So for your world circumnavigation or even just the long stay in the hotspots of the Med or Caribbean, why would you not take a Southern Wind Yacht?  They match all your desires and requirements and many a renowned owner and sailor swear by the yard. Their order book is testimony to this fact, as is the resale value and speed of sale when they appear on the brokerage market. 

Do I want one? YES, but I need both Kidneys currently. But if you have the cash and the desire to sail around the world in comfort, style and turn heads, is there a better yacht?… Not found her yet and I have looked!  

How do they do this? I don’t know and that’s why I am not Southern Wind. So take a look at Southern Wind and make your own mind up.

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