Passionate about all things nautical, we specialise in the sale of luxury sailing yachts over 60 feet, also supplying marine equipment, RIBs & water sports kit to enhance your enjoyment of the wind and sea.


  • New Y25 design with reworked luff curve and shaping for improved handling.
  • New Y25 modified luff panel for subtle increase in power.
  • Available in VOGUE PRO with a clear monofilm window for maximum visibility.
  • Available in VOGUE HD with 100% X-ply for the ultimate in strength.
  • The window is made with a ‘high visibility” X-ply, featuring wider spaced X-ply yarns as well as a vertical warp yarn to prevent glue slip during production.
  • Power-Clew system for huge on the water range.
  • Performance Construction for the optimum strength to weight ratio.

£651.28£796.62 ex VAT - £781.54 inc VAT

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The Vogue is the sail for ripping in the waves or handling the toughest conditions. You want to be free to express yourself whether its in the air or on the wave and with its superb balance and control, the Vogue Y25 lets you take your sailing wherever you want to go.