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Victron Energy Orion DC-DC Converter 24/12V 70A

  • Input voltage range: 18-35 V.
  • Under voltage shutdown / restart: 14V / 18V.
  • Output voltage: Adjustable (with potentiometer) 10–15V F set 13,2V V.
  • Efficiency: 92%.
  • Suitable to buffer-charge a battery.
  • Continuous / Max output current: 70A / 85A.
  • Off load current: < 20mA.
  • Operating temperature range (derate 3% per °C above 40°C): -20 to +55°C.
  • DC connection: M6 Bolts.
  • Other features include Fan assisted cooling (temp. controlled), Remote on-off, Can be connected in parallel.

£227.50 ex VAT - £273.00 inc VAT

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An ever-increasing amount of electric equipment is being used on vehicles and boats. Because most low-voltage equipment, such as navigation and radio equipment, mobile telephones or car hi-fi systems, is designed for 12 Volts, Victron Energy supplies DC/DC converters which deliver a stable 12 Volt supply from a 24 Volt system. These products are also distinguished by high efficiency, together with absolute safety. An inferior supply can cause irreparable damage to your 12 Volt system, but the use of an Orion voltage converter prevents such problems.

Remote on-off connector on the high power models – The remote on-off eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring. The remote on-off can be operated with a low power switch or by the engine run/stop switch.

All models with adjustable output can also be used as a battery charger – For example to charge a 12 Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24 V system.

All models with adjustable output can be paralleled to increase output current – Up to five units can be connected in parallel.