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Ecoworks Marine Varnished Wood Cleaner & Wax


  • Fully biodegradable and environmentally safe formula using naturally derived ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, to provide a high gloss, long lasting finish.
  • Ph neutral.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Delicate fresh fragrance.
  • A ready to use liquid. Simply spray on and buff to a fine shine. Safe to use on all finished surfaces including veneers, laminates, hard plastics and painted surfaces.
  • Available in 500ml & 5 litre sizes.

£10.90£47.00 ex VAT - £13.08 inc VAT

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This is an easy to apply natural liquid cleaner and polish for all the varnished surfaces and veneers such as internal cabinets, tables, chairs, wall surfaces and handrails, found on Superyachts, sailing and motor yachts, cruise liners, ships and boats. It will provide a long lasting and durable high gloss protective finish. Imparts anti-static properties and leaves behind a pleasant aroma. This liquid may also be used to clean and polish laminates, fibreglass, plastic, paintwork and stainless steel.

Ecoworks Marine make their products from naturally derived ingredients from renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials. Ecoworks Marine cleaners are formulated for the lowest possible toxicity and the ultimate biodegradability.


Ecoworks® Marine eco-varnished-wood cleaner+wax cleaner is fast to use. Simply spray onto surface and buff to a high shine finish. Use a microfibre cloth or similar soft cloth for a lustrous gloss finish. For hard to access areas, apply to cloth first and clean as normal. The formulation of this product allows it to be used on all hard surfaces. Product has excellent anti-static properties.

For effective soft surface cleaning and stain removal on carpets and fabrics use Ecoworks® Marine eco-fabric cleaner EWM10110.